Excerpt – Chapter 11 for participants in the September 26 masterclass




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This excerpt is available specifically for participants in the HEC Life Project online masterclass. You will receive or have received this extract the day before the event.

If you haven't received the PDF, and flipping through it on this page isn't enough, please contact the HEC UK House representative or connect me via LinkedIn and I'll be happy to send you the PDF file.


Acquire the book

If you are interested in reading the book, your participation to HEC LifeProject Masterclass allows us to offer you the book at half price, shipment included. This is exclusively for participants.

Choose Paperback or eBook edition via the buttons on this side.

If you would like an authographed paperback, please send me as well, in paralell of your order, a mail  - I'll be happy to sign the book before sending it to you!

Paperback at £ 10.00 (shipment included) instead of £ 19,13 (Amazon, without shipment)
eBook at £ 7,50 instead of € 15.99 (eBook only available via this website)

The keys to fufillment for middle managers are here. Finaly!

More excerpts, more about me and the book on the home page of this website.

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